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I guess if you're going to be hanging around in orbit for a few years you'd
also need a place to keep the beer. Du dum dum, ching. Sorry, couldn't resist.

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>From: Ron Baalke
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>Subject: [ASTRO] The NICMOS Cryocooler
>[From July 1998 issue of Space Telescope Science Institute Newsletter.]
>The NICMOS Cryocooler
>Editor's note: The following has been adapted from the HST Newsletter issued
>by the HST Project Office at Goddard Space Flight Center, with permission.
>A high-tech cooler for HST will join John Glenn and the rest of the STS-95
>crew during their nine-day mission this October. The cooler is an experiment
>as part of HOST, the HST Orbital Systems Test. If this test is successful,
>the cooler will be installed on HST during the third servicing mission as a
>means of extending the life of NICMOS. The solid nitrogen cryogen now in
>NICMOS is expected to run out by mid-November of this year.
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