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SETI Argus station

Don Adams ( )
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 09:58:49 -0400 (EDT)

>Matthew G Cheung asked.......

>How hard is it to make an Argus station?

The question should be "What is an Argus station".
An Argus station is *any* receiver that has an antenna
pointed at the stars and listening for a signal that look as
if it's not natural and not from this planet. (Or something
like that)...... ie it does not have to be a big dish that
listens around 1420 Mhz.

>I am not that great with mine
>Also, could anyone give any tips for keeping the cost low.
This station is not a "thing" it's a process. ie your never

What hardware do you have? Can you get a C band TVRO? This
would be a start. Aim the antenna off the Clarke belt and stare
at the noise. You mind is the FFT processor looking for patterns
in the noise and your looking at Mhz of bandwidth.(I know there's
a lot of limitations doing this, but there are some wideband advantages
too). This is just one example.

Example 2 might be to automate this mess with a computer to look for
patterns. Trying to tell a computer that there is a pattern in the
noise is much more difficult than you think. So it only looks
for simple patterns, like a carrier.

My point is get a receiver. Get or build an antenna (possibly a helix
antenna array) and get on the air. It really doesn't matter (within reason),
what frequency you use.

over and out.....Don wa8qzz