archive: Re: SETI Yet another hare-brained scheme for building an antenna

Re: SETI Yet another hare-brained scheme for building an antenna

Corey Ashford ( )
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 23:59:51 -0700 (PDT)

Well, I was hoping for a single dish concept for now..
to eliminate the expense of multiple feedhorns,
and the gear to phase them together.

Also, I don't think aluminum (paint or otherwise)
would float on water
since it's denser.

But here's another thought - how about a circular
sheet of
aluminized mylar with a ring of something that floats
and would keep the water off of the top of the
reflector (got to think about the rain case here...
hmm). Another possibilty it using bubble insulation
sprayed with aluminum paint. It floats and is thin
enough to take the

Back of the envelope calculations for a 14' pool
(if one were to rotate the whole shooting matching)

2 feet of water (standing still) * pi * 7^2 * 50 lbs
(per cubic foot) = 15,386 lbs of water. Would need a
pretty hefty
bearing for that.

---Ron Blue <> wrote:
> >> Picture a round, above-ground swimming pool about
> >> 14 feet in diameter, filled about half way with
> >> and floating on top of that a coating of
> >> ping-pong balls.
> >>>>>>>>cut>>>>>>
> Ok, lets play with the concept. Two or more five
foot children's plastic pools
> placed throughout the yard. All sitting on top of
bolted down plywood which
> itself is sitting on top of rotating car wheels and
junk parts. Electric
> motors with variable resistors controls the speed
of the rotation. On top of
> the water is sprayed chrome or aluminum paint which
will float on the water.
> All the radio signals can be added together thereby
making the radio telescope
> very economical to build. Antifreeze should
naturally be added for the winter.
> Ron Blue

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