archive: Re: SETI FW: [ASTRO] USGS Reports Geomagnetic Storm In Progress

Re: SETI FW: [ASTRO] USGS Reports Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 10:39:34 -0600 (MDT)


It got here just fine. I'm watching the ambient temperature manually at
this point so the data rather worthless. I'm trying the keep the dish
adjusted for direct sun crossing everyday. A feable attempt at setting up a
standard procedure for calibrating the system.

Anyone know if the calibration procedures for any of the big installations
are available for review? I know we're people-years away from the
complexity of NRAO but a road map always helps.


At 11:59 AM 8/29/98 EDT, writes:
>Hi R.J.
>I am seeing a little change in the noise floor level each day as it gets
>cooler here.
>If I were pointed closer to the sun, I might see higher readings at
>High noon.. (The flux was 117 the other day) But right now,
>I'm pointing about 21 degrees down from the Sun's path.
>It's not much of a blip on the Pwr vs RA chart..
>I hope this gets there, I'm trying out an old modem.. So far it's
> 73, Rich <>
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