archive: Re: SETI FW: [ASTRO] USGS Reports Geomagnetic Storm In Progress

Re: SETI FW: [ASTRO] USGS Reports Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 22:25:00 -0600 (MDT)


You're not seeing elevated peaks near sun crossing? I'm only able to look
at a few days of data but the peaks on the day (day after on this side of
the marble) of the solar event were slightly elevated. I haven't seen any
differences in the doppler shifts with SETIFOX or FFTDSP. Should I consider
the flux densities over the last couple of weeks as normal?

Am I seeing the effects of ambient temperature drops? I'm still calibrating
after all the changes and don't have the digital thermometer hooked back up
yet. Even if I did I don't have a years worth of temperature data to
compare it to.


At 09:36 PM 8/28/98 EDT, Rich writes:
>Rich writes:
>I've checked back over HI line data for that time, (and afterwards)
>there does not seem to be any change in the normal power peaks
>and doppler shifts at all.. Anyways, at 3AM my dish was looking
>the other way. ;-) 73, Rich <>
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