archive: SETI Re: 'Civilized behaviour'

SETI Re: 'Civilized behaviour'

Chris Boyce ( (no email) )
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 23:59:37 +0100

Andy Wallace wrote:

>>An "alien" might find this an interesting planet indeed. In the US
alone, we spend billions on war machinery, billions on space
exploration, billions on religious temples of one denomination or
another, billions on incarcerating (protecting??) people against
themselves by proscribing the ingestion of natural substances and yet
allow millions of people around the world, including children, to
starve to death--a slow and agonizing way to die. I wonder what an
"alien" would think of such "civilized" people??<<

I doubt they'd be surprised.

You'll find my reasons here...

Chris Boyce
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