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SETI FW: Kepler mission

Larry Klaes ( )
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 14:29:22 -0400

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Subject: Kepler mission (off topic)

Every year I pick a Discovery mission hopeful and cheer it on. I write radio
scripts and little articles and link my website to it. I must be bad luck,
though, because the ones I pick never win.

This year I'm cheering on a new mission proposal called Kitty Hawk. I'm sworn
to secrecy on the details of that one. But I'm also cheering (again) for
Kepler, a mission to spot Earth-sized planets around other stars. It has been
proposed twice before.

Below is a message I just rec'd regarding this deserving (I think) little
cost/big implications mission. I think Kepler has lost every time it has been
proposed because it comes up against JPL's monster interferometer, which wants
no competition.


>>In the past you have sent me e-mail expressing your interest in the Kepler

We have just updated our web site

This update reflects what we proposed to NASA Headquarters in June 1998.

We understand that there were 29 proposals submitted this time to the
Discovery Program.

The proposals are now being reviewed and we believe that the actual
internal selection will take place towards the end of September with a
public announcement towards the end of November.

The educational software for the Mac on planet detection will be updated in
the near future and posted on the website.

If you would like to express your opinion to NASA about the Kepler Mission
in particular or any other aspect of the space program, the e-mail
information for Dan Goldin and Wes Huntress are given on the page "What You
Can Do For The Kepler Mission"

Thank you for your continued interest in what we believe to be an exciting
and important space mission - to find Earth-size planets in or near the
habitable zone of other stars.

Dave Koch
Deputy Principal Investigator<<

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