archive: SETI Re: [ASTRO] FW: Sagan: Daily Quote from Carl Sagan's Body of Work

SETI Re: [ASTRO] FW: Sagan: Daily Quote from Carl Sagan's Body of Work

Andy Wallace ( )
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 10:18:24 -0500

An "alien" might find this an interesting planet indeed. In the US
alone, we spend billions on war machinery, billions on space
exploration, billions on religious temples of one denomination or
another, billions on incarcerating (protecting??) people against
themselves by proscribing the ingestion of natural substances and yet
allow millions of people around the world, including children, to
starve to death--a slow and agonizing way to die. I wonder what an
"alien" would think of such "civilized" people??

Larry Klaes wrote:
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> Sent: Thursday, August 27, 1998 3:44 PM
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> Subject: Sagan: Daily Quote from Carl Sagan's Body of Work
> "We have held the peculiar notion that a person or society that is a little
> different from us, whoever we are, is somehow strange or bizarre, to be
> distrusted or loathed. Think of the negative connotations of words like alien
> or outlandish. And yet the monuments and cultures of each of our civilizations
> merely represent different ways of being human. An extraterrestrial visitor,
> looking at the differences among human beings and their societies, would find
> those differences trivial compared to the similarities. The Cosmos may be
> densely populated with intelligent beings. But the Darwinian lesson is clear:
> There will be no humans elsewhere. Only here. Only on this small planet. We
> are a rare as well as an endangered species. Every one of us is, in the cosmic
> perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a
> hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another."
> Cosmos (1980); -"Who Speaks for Earth?," p. 339.
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