archive: Re: SETI FW: [ASTRO] USGS Reports Geomagnetic Storm In Progress

Re: SETI FW: [ASTRO] USGS Reports Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 07:33:26 -0600 (MDT)

I've been following the solar flux (re-calibrating my station) and had
noticed the event in the data. I have had little time to analyze the data
collected to date but I am seeing a rise in the overall power levels sampled
over a solar day. As far as my knowledge goes there isn't way to compensate
for the interference. During the event the noise floor rises and weaker
signals may become obscured.


At 09:15 AM 8/28/98 -0400, you wrote:
>What effects from this space storm are Argus folks finding in
>their surveys? How do you compensate for any interference?
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