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Re: SETI No more mail
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 15:57:01 -0600 (MDT)

Hi list,

My 1 cent worth (U.S. currency isn't what it used to be):

It's hard to put yourself in other peoples shoes. For some 10 messages a
day is too much. I passed the 40/50 per day mark more than a year ago.
I've checked my mail from a hotel after a couple of days traveling and
filled my palmtop. It is alot to handle but a small price to pay for the
privilege of being able to talk to all of you.

R.J. Fear

At 09:01 AM 8/27/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>At 16:51 08/24/1998 PDT, Dale R. Kubichek wrote:
>>>I've had enough - I just got 25 e-mails today all on SETI. The waste of
>>>time is to much reading this stuff.
>Aww Gee! I suspect you protesteh too much! He!He!
>Well I have 34 messages today and it is only 9 am. Normally get 50-75 per
>day. Weekends produce as much as 150/day! Subscribing to over a dozen
>lists will do it. Keeps you off the streets, and out of the bars, anyway.
>Glad the're making 6+GB harddisks these days. Huh? Use the trash/delete
>Still searching for intellegent life in Alaska! Anyone detect any
>elsewhere? "Beam me up Scotty!"
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