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SETI Search Schemes
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 11:19:10 +0600

SETIzens and Chip!,
I sent Chips quote concerning what he feels is a necessary
technique for SETI out of curiosity, I think the most advanced
search methods are of interest to us!

(for Chip)
Haven't you ever worked with students? That is all that is going
on here, I for one would like to hear the thoughts of professional
SETI researchers.
I think the fellow who felt your quote was "babble" was
expressing any students frustration at exposure to real research.
I've heard students say much worse! I for one harbor no hostility,
and have true respect for you as a proper SETI veteran. I apologize
if I offended you calling your quote a mystery. None here
mean to troll for you! You are a scientist, let's learn!

(for the rest of us)
Part of my frustration with this is that I don't have the time
(on earth) to master the field of RA and the current state of SETI.
It would be fair for someone in Chip's position to simply say
"read the literature", but not very useful for most of us.
Can we find a way to find and share the information (especially
current SETI thinking)? I know that there are some very proficient radio
people here, as well as a lot of very bright people!
It would be useful for us to know the debate in the field that
was touched on recently. We have limited BW and processor power, but can
certainly try many radio and postprocessing schemes. Anybody understand
Chip's quote? Have the papers? (ever try to learn of another scientific field
from research papers? It's like learning to machine code in Finno-Ugaric
from a
paranoid with an eccentric thesaurus!)
It is possible if we collaborate on it, break it down into
segments. Anybody game? Chip is correct, we need to learn ;-)

John Willcox
40 00 00 N
75 30 30 W

Project Argus Observatory FN20fa