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SETI No more mail
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 21:37:09 EDT

At 16:51 08/24/1998 PDT, Dale R. Kubichek wrote:
>I've had enough - I just got 25 e-mails today all on SETI. The waste of
>time is to much reading this stuff.

I hope no one is waiting for me to reply to one of those messages
that I deleted this week. (If anyone wants to make sure I read their
posting, please add 'HEY RICH!' to the subject line).

Dale, You should sign up on the ARA list (Amateur Radio Astronomy).
There are only two or three posting a week there.
Sometimes there's nothing for a couple of weeks.
Better hurry, the list owner says he's closing it down soon.

73, Rich <>

Richard Tyndall NJ1A Woburn, MA. USA or
ARGUS Observatory FN42jl

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