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SETI Re: Enoughs enough - No more mail

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 22:44:29 -0400

At 16:51 08/24/1998 PDT, Dale R. Kubichek wrote:
>I've had enough - I just got 25 e-mails today all on SETI. The waste of my
>time is to much reading this stuff.

Come on now, Kuby -- this is a SETI email list!

> you have some self proclaimed resident
>experts that must answer every e-mail and it looks like they are having a
>battle of who is the smartest. is an open list. We encourage open discussion, and would not
think of excluding anyone (even you).

> This board is starting to remind me of the Seismic HAM repeater NET in LA.
>We had all these self proclaimed experts that could read seismic forecasts
>in everything from missing dog/cat reports to the way the leaves face the
>sun. Only about 7 of us had real seimic monitoring stations that WE built
>and took data from - all the others were oiji board seismic experts.
> I see the same trend here on this board - you have resident experts (that
>I doubt have an actual SETI station but they know everything).

Actually, 59 of the participants on this list have stations on the air.
(OK, I admit mine is off the air just now, as I moved into a new house and
have not yet completed the new dish to go with it. But it's in the
backyard, taking shape, and I should be back on the air shortly. My first
personal SETI observations were in 1979, so I think I can claim a little
bit of experience here.)

> I want to ONLY partcipate and get info from REAL SETI station operators. I
>don't give a darn what some journalists writes about ARGUS or some ones
>theory about the movie Contact. I'm surprised one of the resident experts
>hasn't brought Monica into the writings.
> So please get me off the SETI e-mail routing - I do NOT want any more
>e-mails from the SETI SNI.

Only you can unsubscribe yourself. See
<> for directions on how to do so.

> But the ARGUS e-mail list looks better and hopefully stays more technical.

That was the intent. But that doesn't mean we don't consider these other
discussions worthwhile.

>Eventually, I will get into the HITS e-mail as I'm BUILDING my station. The
>only items I'm shy is the pre-amp and feed-horn. Otherwise I have it all
>R7000, PC, 10' dish, and 8' dish/mount.
>Dale Kubichek, N6JSX /9
>Manitowoc, WI

Keep up the good work. We'll be happy to welcome you to the HITS list as
soon as your Argus participant survey is received.
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