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Mon, 24 Aug 1998 21:43:03 EDT

In a message dated 8/24/98 6:26:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time, MarcusJohn

<< Hello Chip. Welcome to this list!. Haven't seen you here before, so I
assume you are a new subscriber. I thought we had finished these discussions a
while ago, but again, welcome to the list!.
As a point in fact, when I posted your article from PRN newswire a couple
of days ago, I posted the deja vu pointer to the 'space signals' thread from, along with instructions on how to pull it up on
Deja Vu.
I hope anyone who posts on the matter takes the time to read the thread.

As an aside, as you suggested I have been keeping my eyes open for your
summer activities, so maybe now the curiosity you have piqed in me has finally
been satisfied. Although I will have to read Seti-Quest journal to find out
the details.

Or was it the Fractal antenna's you were referring to?


John Marcus, M.D.

Hi John--

A non-trivial fraction of my time has been devoted to writing up or editing
SETI stuff this Summer. The aperture engine article is the tip of the writing
iceberg from here. I am deliberating whether to pull it ( 'optimum strategies
in cosmic communications')together as a (technical) book or submit several
different articles.

I would say my main interest at the moment is the microwave vs laser SETI
debate. Something doesn't ring true for me that both are viable from a
detection standpoint. Quantifying this is an important issue and I think I'm

At this point you know my thoughts on small dish SETI so I will not belabor

I would say that a particularly painful point has been the lack of respect
given Stuart Kingsley's OSETI work. We disagree on a couple of major
points--but so what? Pretending he doesn't exist--and then going gaga because
Paul Horowitz suddenly thinks its right, doesn't sit well with me. Staurt is,
and was,there. I don't know what others think on this matter, but coming into
it the last few weeks has really made me disgusted with some West coast
people. But then they have their own problems, don't you think:-)?

I'll leave fractal antennas out of this list, thanks.