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Mon, 24 Aug 1998 15:52:14 -0600 (MDT)

Chip (and the list),

I think the list server is having amnesia troubles.... we're missing some of
the postings.

I see your point concerning aperature. I made a statement to the effect
that I knew that Project Argus and the stations had not reached a point of
producing serious results. But, that we (at least I) began building and
operating an Argus Station as the first step in a multi-year (double digits)
project. I justify my work by the assumption that technology and
engineering will eventually be available to make Project Argus the largest
(in count and virtual size) earth based VLBI ever constructed. For now....
it's a small group of disconnected receivers with little sensitivity. We're
working on it.

Thank you for the input on increased gain and sensitivity. The LNA and
pre-amp were purchased, the quality and durability too early to tell
(recently replaced). I currently run an integration time of 10seconds with
doppler correction. The tracking issues will have to wait until I remount
the dish with the actuators.

R.J. Fear

At 05:19 PM 8/24/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi R.J;
>I think I missed part of this.
>There is really no substitute for aperture. But if you want to gain what you
>can, I suggest long integration times--assuming your LNA is as good as you can
>get. Tint requires additional Doppler corrections but definitely has some
>utility. I'm assuming you realize that the sensitivity goes as sqrt (T) so you
>can see that very long integrations are in order; certainly orders of
>magnitude longer than a second or two. And, of course with this comes tracking
>issues among others.
>Chip Cohen
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