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Re: FW: SETI Fwd: Scientist: Reason for Optimism in ET Search
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 11:44:50 EDT

<< In a message dated 8/23/98 6:51:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time,:-) writes:

> "aperture engine" reads like a marketing label, rather than a technical
> description,

*I wasn't aware that Babbage was a marketeer:-). I believe I used the term
'engine' *correctly and in contemporary context.

* What is it, pray, I'm selling?:-) Aperture engines?

although I think I understand it to mean a phased array,
> in space, with distributed power amplifiers, and with each amplifier
> its power from solar cells in its neighbourhood.

*No. Nice guess though:-). Solar cells aren't the way to go.

I guess somebody is going to have to read the setiquest magazine to find out
what all this really means on a techical level.

*That would be prudent. Better to be informed I would say.

From the quality of his
postings on the newsgroups, I would be very critical of his thinking.

*Perhaps you wish to share just one posting 'from the newsgroups' which you
found *lacking John. Point out the technical and scientific errors. (which
there aren't...) I would *be very much interested in your critical analysis
rather than your subjective vituperative.

John. >>

Cheers to All,

Chip Cohen