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Re: SETI Fwd: Scientist: Reason for Optimism in ET Search

David Ocame ( )
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 11:26:53 -0400

Dr. H. Paul Shuch wrote:
> At 21:24 08/21/1998 EDT, wrote:
> >
> >By the way Paul, do you know Nathan Cohen?
> Yes, indeed. Chip Cohen is a ham, a onetime Arecibo observer,a member of
> the SETIQuest editorial board, a top notch antenna designer, and an all
> around good guy. He is also an outspoken critic of our approach! His
> quote below (from that article) hints at why, and includes Project Argus:
> > "The amazing thing is not that we've
> >> found nothing so far, but that we're not doing the receive effort the
> right
> >> way."
> Given that "the right way" is one which yields positive results, and that
> we've barely begun, I think Chip's judgement is a bit premature.
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Yup, I agree with Paul. I've had occasion to speak to Nathan "Chip", as
well. He can 'come down to Earth' - eventually. You just need to be a
little persistent with him:)