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Fri, 21 Aug 1998 22:51:55 EDT

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> >By the way Paul, do you know Nathan Cohen?
> Yes, indeed. Chip Cohen is a ham, a onetime Arecibo observer,a member of
> the SETIQuest editorial board, a top notch antenna designer, and an all
> around good guy. He is also an outspoken critic of our approach! His
> quote below (from that article) hints at why, and includes Project Argus:

Now I remember him! I had the running debate with him on last fall, on the space signals thread. He was quite
vigorous, and made a lot of responders angry.



John sed:

>Well said Chip.I agree 100 percent.My premise was not meant to be answered by>the scientific method.

Therefore what, pray, do you classify this activity as? Since it requires anact of faith, is it not a religious quest?

UFO's as alien spacefcraft also goes under this guise. These activities arecalled 'pseudo sciences'. Like parapsychology for example.

73Chip N1IR


and this: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------




This URL is bizarre.

I knew Barney Oliver; I argued with Barney Oliver; I worked with BarneyOliver;I learned from Barney Oliver.. Barney had the best mind in SETI.

Barney is saying that you need large apertures. You--and Paul-- should listen.Spin-doctoring his argument to support something exactly the opposite isdisrespectful of the deceased. And disrespectful of reality.

Chip N1IR


-- You can see that he is somewhat less than diplomatic on occasion. I highlyencourage anyone with some time to go and read this thread on Deja Vu. Here is the URL from the Deja News thread. If it doesn't work, then just do asearch on for subject 'space signals'.

Sincerely, John Marcus. KE3SW.