archive: An analogy to what SETI is searching for...

An analogy to what SETI is searching for...

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"The breath of the universe," continued Tsech'i, "is called wind. At times,
it is inactive.
But when active, all crevices resound to its blast. Have you never
listened to its
deafening roar?

"Caves and dells of hill and forest, hollows in huge trees of many a span
in girth --
some are like nostrils, and some like mouths, and others like ears,
goblets, mortars, or like pools and puddles. And the wind goes rushing
through them,
like swirling torrents or singing arrows, bellowing, sousing, trilling,
wailing, roaring,
purling, whistling in front and echoing behind, now soft with the cool
blow, now shrill
with the whirlwind, until the tempest is past and silence reigns
supreme. Have you
never witnessed how the trees and objects shake and quake, and twist and

"Well, then," enquired Tseyu, "since the music of Earth consists of
hollows and
apertures, and the music of man of pipes and flutes, of what consists
the music of

On Levelling All Things by Chuang Tzu (died
275 B. C.)

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