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Re: SETI Contact Machine

Larry Klaes ( )
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 10:05:56 -0500

While not exactly what you are looking for, there are production
sketches of the Machine on the official Contact Web site at this URL:

I would be interested to see those Kip Thorne designs myself,
should they exist. Also see my previous links to other Web sites
on cosmic wormholes.

Of course if you want "proof" that the Machine in Contact is really
a "hyperdimensional interstellar transportation system", go to this
Web site and scroll down just a bit:

But I take NO responsibility whatsoever for its content. :^)


At 09:28 AM 12/29/1998, R.J. Fear wrote:
>Ladies, Gentlemen,
>I understand from some recent reading that the "machine" used for travel in
>the movie Contact was derived from some theoretical designs developed by
>Kip Thorn at Cal Tech. Does anyone happen to know if the original designs
>or notes still exist? So far nothing on the Cal Tech sites that I can find.
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