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SETI Re: [ASTRO] Encounter 2001 "Cosmic Call"

Larry Klaes ( )
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 08:59:17 -0500

For some real numbers on how far human civilization's electromagnetic
leakage can be detected into the Milky Way galaxy, I refer you to this
article by Guillermo Lemarchand from the first issue of SETIQuest

See also:

As for some malevolent alien race detecting Earth, either from the
Encounter 2001
transmissions or some other means, and coming to our planet to conquer or
it: While I would hope that a species advanced enough to traverse
distances would also have learned either to be peaceful or exterminate
itself before
ever getting off its world, I also realize that alien psychology could work
on an
entirely different level from humans (think of the Borg on Star Trek, who
think they
are doing the other species in the galaxy a big favor by making them just
like the
Borg), thus the potential for the threat to our way of existence is always

Not to sound too pessimistic, but if an alien race did want to conquer us, for
whatever reason, and they had the means to reach our planet, it would probably
be not that difficult to do so. A few well-aimed planetoids or comets and we
would be finished in one form or another - no fancy laser weapons or exotic
technological bombs required. I direct you to the 1985 science fiction novel
Footfall (by Niven and Pournelle) as an example of this scenario:

I say we take our chances and swim into the waters. It isn't healthy to
remain cooped up in one "room" (Earth) forever for a growing species
such as ours, even if it keeps us "safe" from alien threats (which I
personally find doubtful). If we are meant to survive and thrive in this
Universe, it will happen, but primarily by our efforts. I say we have more
to lose than to gain by remaining hidden under our beds.

"In a very real sense this search for extraterrestrial intelligence is a
search for
a cosmic context for mankind, a search for who we are, where we have come
and what possibilities there are for our future - in a universe vaster both
in extent and
duration than our forefathers ever dreamed of."

- Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI), Carl Sagan,
Editor, 1973, MIT Press, "Introduction", pp. ix-x.


At 04:33 PM 12/22/1998 -1000, Brian Nestel wrote:
>Larry Klaes wrote:
>Yes I've seen the press release, and it shows the same
>lack of responsibility
>> Of course we have been broadcasting electromagnetic leakage
>> into the Milky Way galaxy for decades, so a few direct broadcasts
>> (and oh yes, we also did this to the Messier 13 globular star cluster
>> from Arecibo in 1974, and I suppose you can count the Pioneer
>> Plaques and Voyager Records sent in the 1970s) may not make
>> much of a difference.
>I've noticed this reference to leakage radiation used to justify
>alot of things that are being planned. This is total BS, with
>current equipment it would be hard to detect our leakage
>radiation past Sirius with our current equipment except for
>some high power radar and the signals already purposely sent
>which were not without reprecussions.
>The Seti Inst. and Seti League already have reply protocols in place,
>it would seen that any blind transmissions to possible ETI should
>follow the same protocols unless people are ignoring them
>just to further their own ends.
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