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Re: SETI Re: [ASTRO] Encounter 2001 "Cosmic Call"

Yvan Dutil ( )
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 16:01:08 -0500

>See this Web page from The SETI League:
>Of course we have been broadcasting electromagnetic leakage
>into the Milky Way galaxy for decades, so a few direct broadcasts
>(and oh yes, we also did this to the Messier 13 globular star cluster
>from Arecibo in 1974, and I suppose you can count the Pioneer
>Plaques and Voyager Records sent in the 1970s) may not make
>much of a difference.

The broadcasts for the Encounter are'nt ordinary electromagnetic leakage.
They are
about a factor 50 more powerful than the nearest competitor (EWBM), and
unlike them they
are narrowband signal stable in frequency and directed on precise sky
for long period of time (3 hours), these factors alone greatly increase
their detectability
by a HUGE factor compare to ordinary leakage.

They will be send near the galactic plane, in a region where the
interstellar scintillation
is minimal which also correspond to the galactic belt of life. The Arecibo
message of 1974
was much more powerful but was directed on a sterile target, the globular
cluster M13 which
is so poor in metal (1/40 solar) and so dynamicaly unstable than no planet
can form.

For all practical purpose, this will be our first dedicated interstellar

Yvan Dutil