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Brian Wong ( (no email) )
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 01:41:52 -0800

Certainly. But I'm not saying that ETI species would not have complex
emotions. There are no reasons that they should or should not possess
emotions. The issue is whether their emotions are translatable to anything
familiar to us and vice-versa. Terrestrial animal emotions evolved from and
are suited to the terrestrial environment. ETI emotions, or something
similar, will evolve and be suited for the respective ETI environs. The
laws governing life forms may be similar but not necessarily the same nor
parallel. The universe allows many combinations of possibilities.

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Date: Monday, December 21, 1998 3:57 AM
Subject: Re: SETI Music to ETIs?

>It seems to me that conveying the idea of pleasure and other emotions
>should not be that much of a problem. We evolved with primitive emotions
>to help us deal with certain situations, or at least that's the way it
>seems to me. Especially after our ancestors got to the ground, they had
>be able recognize danger. Some emotions like fear must have originated
>as a mechanism to get out of danger, but over the millions of years they
>evolved to more advanced emotions. Should we assume that if other
>species evolve to form complex civilizations like ours that they would
>not have complex emotions?