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Re: SETI Sagan: Conact: millions of civilizations?

jerry and judy ( )
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 13:59:36 -0700

>>>To: "Carl Sagan List" <>
>>>Subject: Sagan: Conact: millions of civilizations?
>> This is incorrect mathematically, right? Anyone else notice
>Very observant of you, Julia. Yes, the scriptwriters totally bungled
>Ellie's solution to the Drake Equation.

I agree, and at this point I would normally say "Man!, those scriptwriters
have those great jobs! and they get paid very well, and they can't even
even catch a glaring error like that! And the actors (and the crew) must
have taken SOME arithmetic in high school, no?!? I mean this isn't rocket
science!?", but I saw the movie and it didn't even register! Oh well,

Thanks Julia, for the humble pie,

>It was out of character for her to
>get that particular computation wrong, since every serious SETI scientist
>has run the numbers, billions and billions of times!
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