archive: SETI Music to ETIs? & Near Earth Contact

SETI Music to ETIs? & Near Earth Contact

Walt Williams ( (no email) )
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 02:25:16 -0800

Ron, and All,

Should computers ever become sentient, as surely Earth's machines will
at some time in the future, perhaps they may develop algorhythms of
pleasure, but could humans ever understand the meaning?

Since computers and their future kin, will probably(?) be some
hybrid of synchronous/asynchronous parallel architecture, there will
likely be rhythm beating within their tin-can nano-technology
'hearts'. Music is in part rhythm, but could one perceive a sentient
machine's rhythmic pleasure algorhythms as music if that were what it

It is possible to exceed the null of cancellation or equality
and this has been replicated in the lab. This is the
operational definition of pain or discorrelation in an artificial
intelligence machine. Confirming human models of this definition of
pain has been reported by Ronald and Wanda Blue in their paper on
Correlational Opponent Processing (C) 1996.


Perhaps people such as Carver Meade (CalTech) and yourself as well
could model "pleasure sequences" in sentient machines, and thereby
understand them?

Lately, I hear people, say why we can't anticipate intelligent
response in possible contact. It would be good to know strategies to
anticipate intelligent response in possible contact. I hear many
suggestions regarding the use of simple mathematical sequences to
establish the cognition of intelligence. But doesn't that require an
understanding the transport medium? Let us fabricate a hypothetical
situation. Rather than assume that ET is far-away, let us say an ET
probe, machine intelligence, is close by, <550 AU. Now we present
contact, what changes? How does one participate in interaction?
(No safe SETI here). Do we need establish methods of interaction
protocol and then send test sequences hoping that ET probe will copy,
i.e., teach our method, or do we simply 'ping it' and listen for
response --hoping we can respond in kind? Will this demonstrate
intelligent response on our part? How would one establish a
communications link with an ET machine intelligence (presuming
microwave or optical common denominator)? Some simple handshake need
be established, but what?


Walt Williams, 98.12.20