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Fri, 18 Dec 1998 13:34:17 -0500

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>Only if they have ears!

It is possible that ETI could have less senses. For example we can not see
in the five systems of color that birds can. Our anscestors were night
creatures 65 million years ago. We can not see in ultraviolet which some
birds and incest can. We can not see in infarred like snakes. We can not
see in electrical fields like an electric el. We can not feel radiation like
a rat. We can not smell as well as a dog or rat.

The key concept is that senses allow an organism to learn about its
environment. Psychological research suggest that a stimulus is a stimulus
regardless of source or type. This is true across species. Remembering
that thereis no special position in the universe. Laws and principles remain
similar if not identical.

> I may have this wrong, but it seems likely that
>our whole neurobiuology is set up in precisely such a way to resonate
>with rhythmic sound - because speech is a primary function. Equally,
>chickens like music, monkeys do, perhaps all vocalising creatures do.

If I started speaking Chinese to you. Your brain would resonnate to
the sound. The modulations would be almost perfectly correlated.
You would however not likely know what I was saying.

>But it would be interesting to see what effect music had on
>non-vocalising but hearing creatures - say, snakes (vibration-sensing,
>strictly). Of course, music would have no effect on non-hearing

Some people see colors when listening to music. Some people see
colors when reading a document. Colors and music are similar.
You can use music to modulate light and create a light show.

>The broader question is surely, would aliens have an *equivalent* of
>music - a way of modulating signals received by one of their primary
>sense-organs to create non-symbolic structures? And if so, how would
>*that* 'sound' on radio?

Also would it sound slow or fast depending on how their nervous system
uses the information.
Ron Blue

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