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Re: SETI Music to ETIs?

Richard Burke-Ward ( )
Fri, 18 Dec 98 17:56:57 +0000

Ron Blue wrote:

>Music will entrain brain rhythm.

Only if they have ears! I may have this wrong, but it seems likely that
our whole neurobiuology is set up in precisely such a way to resonate
with rhythmic sound - because speech is a primary function. Equally,
chickens like music, monkeys do, perhaps all vocalising creatures do.
But it would be interesting to see what effect music had on
non-vocalising but hearing creatures - say, snakes (vibration-sensing,
strictly). Of course, music would have no effect on non-hearing

The broader question is surely, would aliens have an *equivalent* of
music - a way of modulating signals received by one of their primary
sense-organs to create non-symbolic structures? And if so, how would
*that* 'sound' on radio?


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