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Re: SETI Channel Master MF10041FD ...

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 09:12:29 -0500

At 06:00 AM 12/18/98 -0800, Alfred A. Aburto Jr. wrote:

>In the latest issue of "Radio Astronomy", Nov/Dec 1998,
>Journal of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers, there
>is an article by Chuck Forster, "12,000-MHz Radio
>Telescope for $200". He describes a Channel Master Model
>10041FD Tuning meter availabe for $99 from:
> I seems a very useful piece
>of hardware.

It is. I bought one, and it works great. I built the "$200 Radio
Telescope" described in that article, with the addition of some 1.4 GHz IF
gain and filtering (I used the AmpliFilter described at
<> between the LNB and the
meter), and was actually able to detect the full moon (but no other phase).
Theoretical calculations suggest a 75 Jansky threshold sensitivity for
that system with 1 second of integration time, although I have not yet
measured any of the distant sources. Sun noise, OTOH, is trivially easy!
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