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Re: SETI Music to ETIs?

RonBlue ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 18:56:03 -0500

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From: Larry Klaes <>
>perhaps music will be among the first things
>we receive. But we might not recognize it as such, thus my concerns
>over using it as a first way to say Hi.
My first experience with Chinese music would as a quick response get
me to agree with you. But let us say that all aliens must solve biological
problems in similar ways since we know that their is no special position
in the universe for observing the laws of nature. All neurons and
biological processes use microtubles. The quantum entanglement of
electrons in microtubles for a thought has been calculated by Jack
Sarfatti to be at 40 hertz. 40 hertz has been proposed by Singer and
others to be extremely important for neural processing of information.

Music will entrain brain rhythm. This is likely to be an important
quality of music especially if it a natural harmonic of the natural
resonance in a microtuble. Therefore I would not be surprised
that the first SETI reception is music that we can hear and appreciate.

Ron Blue