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Re: SETI Would ET send music?

Larry Klaes ( )
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 08:44:13 -0500

I don't know if music would be the thing to send another species in
the first attempts at contact, in part because what one considers to
be music would be most subjective. I read about Europeans who
visited Japan several centuries ago and were irritated and bored by
the Japanese music concerts they had to sit through.

We have sent music to ETI, however: The Voyager Interstellar Record,
launched with the Voyager 1 and 2 probes in 1977, contains selections of
music from various human cultures. You can see the list at this Web page URL:

Scroll down to the Music hyperlink.

You can also hear some selections from the Cosmos soundtrack:

Carl Sagan et al wrote a great deal about the music they chose for
the Voyager Record in their 1978 book, Murmurs of Earth. One comment
I remember was that sending Bach might be considered boasting! :^)
Still, I say music is a very subjective subject.


At 08:09 PM 12/16/1998 -0500, RonBlue wrote:
>Last night listening to classical music, my wife commended that this
>"music" is the most important achievement of mankind.
>Assuming it was not illegal to send messages, I would suspect music
>would likely to be sent to us over scientific messages. This leads to
>the next topic we are likely to receive, The 700 club from ET.
>Ron Blue