archive: SETI Fundraising opportunity -- please help

SETI Fundraising opportunity -- please help

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 20:14:04 -0500

This is cross-posted to reach SETI League officials, members, and
non-members alike. PLEASE NOTE that it is NOT posted to the signal
verification email list, as that list must be kept free of any and all
extraneous traffic. I hope those of you on all the lists will follow my
example. Thanks.
Now, on to the business at hand. You may have noticed the new link from
the SETI League website main page <> to, a commercial web-shopping service which donates half its
earnings to charitable non-profit organizations (among which, thanks to
member Markus Landgren in Sweden, The SETI League is now officially
recognized). Briefly, we receive donations each time someone accesses their
site via the link on ours. My personal thanks to those of you who have
already earned The SETI League several hundred dollars in contributions by
following that link.
Now there's an additional way The SETI League can earn iGive funds. I
have added an iGive link from my *personal* website at <>,
and suggest that those of you with your own websites may wish to consider
doing the same. If you wish, I invite you to steal the gif and html code
off my personal page (it's just below the main menu).
Now here's the important part. Drop me an email with the URL of any page
you add this link to. When I report the links to iGive, The SETI League
receives an additional minimum contribution of $25! Of course, we're not
endorsing iGive's products or services by doing this, but any company who
donates half its profits to charity is, in my opinion, worthy of our support.
No, my cautious SETIzens, this is not a scam. It's real money for The
SETI League (or, if you prefer, some other charity of your choice), and
it's painless! As I (very wittily!) said on my home page, charity begins
at the homepage. Thanks for your support.
Regards, Paul
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