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SETI [contact] Contact XVI Update

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Wed, 16 Dec 1998 18:25:09 -0500

>Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 18:03:59 EST
>Subject: [contact] Contact XVI Update
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>Here is the latest on the annual Contact conference, including a day at
>NASA-Ames this year.
> Allen Tough
>CONTACT XVI will convene on March 5-7, 1999, at the Biltmore Hotel and
>Suites in Santa Clara. Join us for our annual celebration! Check our
>website at <> or <
>information and updates.
> NOW is the time to register for the conference. You can register
>either by contacting <> or by credit card at
><> or via the website, under the "Contact XVI" button.
>Pre-registration is $50 (Students/Seniors $30) until yearend. Prices
>will be higher at the door, so do it now.
> You should reserve your room NOW, as the Biltmore only has a few rooms
>and suites left. The address is 2151 Laurelwood Road in Santa Clara
>(just off 101); the phone number is 800/255-9925 or 408/988-8411.
>Mention CONTACT, to get the conference rate of $79 (up to 4 people).
>Thanks to low room rates, we are retaining our traditional Thursday
>night (3/5) pre-conference meeting and festivities. Please plan to join
> The Program overfloweth. Features include:
>McKay and Michael Sims, NASA Ames.)
>The Copernican Principle is the statement that the experience of Earth
>far from being unique, is typical in the Universe. The Copernican
>Principle is well established with respect to stellar astronomy but it
>is yet proven or disproven with respect to cosmology, life,
>intelligence, and culture. This session would focus on what parts of
>the Earth experience are universal and what parts are not o everything
>from the anthropic principle and the laws of physics to the question of
>intelligence and morality.
>Organizers: Reed Riner (Northern Arizona U) and Don Scott (NASA).
>Collaborating with CONTACT and NASA, a group of high school teachers
>will unveil their two-year COTI HI curriculum for secondary education
>and lead a contact simulation based on our design.
>Our nationally recognized Solar System Simulation will offer a report on
>its new virtual reality program hosted by Eastern Oregon University; in
>an on-line demonstration, attendees to visit a space city, walk the
>moon, talk to martians via an international, multicampus computer
>We will also have a report from the director of the Academy for Mars in
>We welcome back Greg Bear as our keynote speaker at our traditional
>banquet, which will take place this year on Friday evening, after our
>return from NASA/Ames. Greg, the author of twenty-four books of science
>fiction and fantasy, is married to Astrid Anderson Bear (daughter of
>past Board Members Poul and Karen) and the father of two. He has been
>awarded two Hugos and four Nebulas for his fiction, only the second
>author to win a Nebula in every category. Greg is a past president of
>the Science Fiction Writers Association and a veteran of CONTACT III in
>There will also be three sessions of professional papers organized by
>Doug Raybeck, Al Harrison and Jim Funaro, a presentation by the Contact
>Consortium (Bruce Damer), iDigital Biotai and an art gallery and session
>(organized by Joel Hagen) entitled "Science And Art Produce Visions Of
>The Future.i
>Greg Bear, Poul and Karen Anderson, Greg Benford, Ben Finney, Joel
>Hagen, Allen Tough, Don Scott, Lara Battles, Elizabeth Viau, Reed Riner,
>Al Harrison, Doug Raybeck, Chris McKay, Michael Sims, Gerald Nordley,
>Bruce Damer, Gabriel Rshaid, Richard Zimmer, A. Linde, P.C.W. Davies, B.
>Jakosky, Hy Hartman, Steve Pinker, Robert John Russel, Larry Payne and
>the COTI Hi teachers.
>If you have not let us know you are coming, please do so right away.
>Jim Funaro