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Tue, 15 Dec 1998 09:41:30 EST

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>>From a scientific standpoint, what is your understanding as to what Sagan
>contributed in SETI?

A very appropriate question, Chip, for the week of his second yartzeit. I
invite you to read my editorial from two years ago, at

As I am unable to post to the seti list from this (temporary, on-the-road)
email address, I invite you to forward this to the list, if you wish.

Happy Hanukkah!
Paul >>

Hi Paul--

There is little doubt as to the issues you discuss--but they are not science.

One e-mail responded that he was a collaborator with Horowitz on META and co-
authored the Ap.J. paper in 1994. I asked Paul Horowitz about this (in 1995),
as I know Sagan was not involved in any of the META searching. Paul said that
"Carl provided the funding so he was made co-author". I found this
unfortunate. And it wasn't Carls' money--it was TPS money.

I have no evidence that Sagan contributed to the Cordes,Lasio, and Sagan paper
from last year either. Editorial contribution perhaps?

Remember Carl for the right reasons; let's not create some scientific
mythology around it.

And FYI Carl was an atheist (RE: your yarzeit comment).

Chip N1IR