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SETI Sagan Contribution
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 08:33:40 EST

I know there are many Saganophiles here, but I believe my question has

>From a scientific standpoint, what is your understanding as to what Sagan
contributed in SETI? For example: new methods for undertaking the search;
actual searches; and so on. I am not referring to writing essays and books
based upon other peoples ideas, or popularizing those ideas.

I considered this question back when I was at Cornell and the only thing I
could find was the SETI done with Frank Drake of M33--which Drake actually did
the observing on. Memory may not serve; it is possible he was involved in
presenting the (bogus) argument about the advantages of the 'water hole' in
the microwave window. I would consider that an (outdated) but worthwhile

What did YOU find?


Chip N1IR