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SETI [ASTRO] Jonathan Frakes Doubts Aliens?

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>Subject: [ASTRO] Jonathan Frakes Doubts Aliens?
>I can't say I have heard of Jonathan Frakes or Michael Dorn,
>but I have heard of Edgar Mitchell. Below is a chunk of news
>that is "news to me" and might even be of interest to others
>on the list.
>> World News
>> ==========
>> [W 1]****** Edgar Mitchell: US Covers Up Aliens For 50 Years
>> From: (Bernhard Nahrgang)
>> The Sunday Times - Edgar Mitchell: US Covers Up Aliens For 50 Years
>> By Tom Rhodes
>> The Sunday Times (London)
>> 10-11-98
>> NEW YORK -- There are no little green men on the moon. Edgar Mitchell
>> knows this because in 1971 he became the sixth man to walk on it. He is
>> positive, however, that aliens have landed on Earth.
>> Sharing the podium at a conference in Connecticut yesterday with "alien
>> abductees" and others who claim to have had contact with unidentified
>> flying objects (UFOs), the former Nasa astronaut intensified his
>> campaign to persuade Washington to acknowledge life beyond our skies.
>> Mitchell argues that life is almost certain to exist on any other planet
>> with a supportive environment. Some physicists, he points out, now
>> believe it is possible to travel faster than light, even if humble
>> earthlings have yet to achieve it.
>> He is 90% certain that many of the thousands of UFOs recorded since the
>> 1940s belonged to visitors from another planet. Although some have been
>> delusions and others natural phenonema, too many remain unexplained, he
>> said. "This suggests there are humanoids manning craft which have
>> characteristics not in the arsenal of any nation on earth that we know
>> of. That is very alarming," he said.
>> It was a startling departure for a scientist who, up to now, has been
>> wary of appearing with ufologists widely regarded as cranks.
>> "Until recently I was very cautious about such conferences," Mitchell,
>> 68, admitted before the opening of an annual convention entitled the UFO
>> Experience. "But now I believe there is sufficient circumstantial
>> evidence to warrant a scientific understanding in this area."
>> Mitchell, who holds a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of
>> Technology, does not fit easily into the ranks of the UFO fanatics.
>> Although he acts as a consultant to The X Files, the cult television
>> series, he is scornful of "disinformation" about aliens and flying
>> saucers that emanates from the Internet and marginal UFO organisations
>> in America.
>> "The notion that there are structures on Mars or the moon is bonkers,"
>> Mitchell said. "I can certainly attest to the latter - I've been there.
>> We saw no structures at the landing site and none was reflected in my
>> helmet, as has been alleged."
>> Mitchell bases his credo on established cosmology - in which he became
>> closely involved after gazing at his tiny, distant planet from the
>> command module of Apollo 14. He felt "an overwhelming sense of universal
>> connectedness and perceived the universe as in some way conscious".
>> In the early 1970s, after leaving Nasa, he founded the Institute of
>> Noetic Sciences in California. Dedicated to the study of psychic and
>> spiritual phenomena, it subjected luminaries such as Uri Geller, the
>> Israeli spoon bender, to scientific scrutiny.
>> Mitchell says his research - including conversations with people who
>> have worked in intelligence agencies and military groups - has convinced
>> him that the American government has covered up the truth about UFOs for
>> 50 years. He is trying to persuade Congress to grant his sources
>> immunity to tell "the real story" of events such as the so-called
>> Roswell incident - the alleged crash of a flying saucer in New Mexico in
>> 1947.
>> "Many of these folks were under high-security clearances, they took
>> oaths and they feel they cannot talk without some form of immunity,"
>> Mitchell said. "It takes a brave person to come out on something like
>> this."
>> A poll by Time magazine last year suggested that 22% of the population
>> share Mitchell's conviction that other planets have been in contact with
>> humans; 17% said intelligent life had abducted humans to experiment on
>> them.
>> The high level of interest has encouraged other speakers at this
>> weekend's conference. They include Robert Wood, a retired aerospace
>> engineer from California, who claims to have new evidence of the
>> existence of MJ12, a clandestine military unit trained in recovery and
>> disposal of aliens and their craft.
>> The true believers could hardly conceal their delight at the former
>> astronaut's endorsement. Walter Andrus, international director of the
>> Mutual UFO Network, the largest organisation of its kind in America,
>> said: "There's no doubt in my mind that Ed Mitchell gives us all
>> credibility."
>... Another writer again agreed with all my generalities, but said that
>as an inveterate skeptic I have closed my mind to the truth. Most
>notably I have ignored the evidence for an Earth that is six thousand
>years old. Well, I haven't ignored it; I considered the purported
>evidence and *then* rejected it. There is a difference, and this is a
>difference, we might say, between prejudice and postjudice. Prejudice
>is making a judgment before you have
>looked at the facts. Postjudice is making a judgment afterwards.
>Prejudice is terrible, in the sense that you commit injustices and you
>make serious mistakes. Postjudice is not terrible. You can't be
>perfect of course; you may make mistakes also. But it is permissible to
>make a judgment after you have examined the evidence. In some circles
>it is even encouraged.
> -- Carl Sagan, "The Burden of Skepticism"