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SETI ETI and asteroids

RonBlue ( (no email) )
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 13:20:02 -0500

When you consider the latest report on an asteroid or comet impact
in Argentina 3.3 million years ago and its significant effect on local animal
extinction, it seems that these random acts resets the registers so that
intelligent life is more likely to emerge. The die off of trees for biped
creature was critical for our development. The latest analysis indicates that
our ancestors spead out over the various continents and back many times.

Our current divergence came from Africa, but in principle it could have
came from any continent. Plate tectonics was critical in forcing the
development of our intelligent life with a little random help from asteroids.

The question then is what is the probability that asteroid belts will exist
another star systems to push evolution. We could be alone because a Jovian
planet has to form fast creating problems for the formation of a planet at the
relative position between Mars and Jupiter. However, when Jovian planets
drop to
a earth orbit after a gravitational battle with another Jovian planet which
kicks the smaller of the two out of the solar system, the earth type moons at
the earth orbit
should have the impacts necessary to speed up evolution. The probability of
this should be low in both cases.

What should we find when we colonize earth type planets. Relatively
stable eco system with less evolutionary speed than we have observed on

Ron Blue