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Re: SETI Just sent in SL Application
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 12:29:03 EST

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<< s Ken stated, I also would welcome a refresher on your ideas regarding
SETI. Ideas which, while I have never ignored them, I haven't been able to
see how they would be possible on an amateur level. Maybe you can give some
input as to how a polychromatic search can be done and what kind of
equipment is needed.

Thanks! And again, welcome!

David M. Ocame/n1yvv
Awards Chair,
The SETILeague, Inc.>>

Hi Dave;

SETINOW has asked me to keep that on their web page, which should have been
out a month ago. The files are sitting there, waiting for the OK from the
board. What they don't want me to do is put something on NG's or reflectors at
length--because these get 'web sited' anyway and dilute their message. Go

Between the EQ Peg hoax; the SETI petition, and SETI stuff in the early Spring
the timing of what they want to say is critical for maximum impact--which is
to say forcing SETI in general to be closer to its goal. I suspect it won't be
up until Feb or later. They wanted to start the site on 1 November..and then
the EQ Peg crud happened.

Chip N1IR