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Re: SETI Just sent in SL Application

David Ocame ( (no email) )
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 10:32:04 -0500


Welcome onboard. You have been a welcome addition to the list - keeping us
on our toes. As a member, I hope you can find your way on to the other, more
technical lists as well. Your input there would be very much appreciated, I
am sure.

As Ken stated, I also would welcome a refresher on your ideas regarding
SETI. Ideas which, while I have never ignored them, I haven't been able to
see how they would be possible on an amateur level. Maybe you can give some
input as to how a polychromatic search can be done and what kind of
equipment is needed.

Thanks! And again, welcome!

David M. Ocame/n1yvv
Awards Chair,
The SETILeague, Inc.