archive: Outlook Express and Lists (was: To All SETILeague, Inc. members)

Outlook Express and Lists (was: To All SETILeague, Inc. members)

David Woolley ( )
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 08:27:36 +0000 (GMT)

> If at all possible, I would appreciate it if people did not send more
> than one attachment. Thank you.

The article in question was a list policy violation because of the
image, anyway, and even one attachment on this list generally indicates
inappropriate use of a mail program.

However, the real blame here lies with the designers of MS Outlook
Express (probably the marketing people rather than the engineers).
What you actually had was a message structured as:

Plain text version

Space wasting, broken HTML version

Background image for the "paper" on which it was written

with the components increasing in size, and uselessness, down the list!

None are strictly speaking attachments, although the paper image might

Unfortunately, the offenders rarely realise what they are doing.

Please everyone, never send anything with the latest Outlook Express
without reconfiguring it to plain text only or getting the agreement of
all recipients.