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SETI Encounter 2001 "Cosmic Call"

Larry Klaes ( )
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 11:58:02 -0500

>Interview opportunities available
>Media Contact: Susan Schonfeld 914-356-6089
>or 914-371-9684
>Alternative Contact: Chan Tysor 713-522-7282

>Encounter 2001, LLC (Houston) and Energia, Ltd.
>(Alexandria, VA, the American office of Rocket
>Space Corporation Energia) will announce an
>historic agreement to transmit a series of
>interstellar radio messages on behalf of the
>participants in the Encounter 2001 Millennial
>The transmissions — called the “Cosmic Call”
>— will constitute the first time people
>throughout the world can send a personal
>message to deep space. A high-powered radio
>astronomy transmitter in the former
>Soviet Union will beam an introductory message
>of information and greeting, followed by
>personal messages from thousands of
>Encounter 2001 participants toward 4 stars
>beginning in the early part of 1999. The
>stars were selected by a team of scientific
>experts as likely prospects to harbor life
>supporting planets.
>“In this era of international space cooperation,
>we are pleased to join our former Soviet
>partners in offering this unique opportunity
>to everyone,” said Charles M. Chafer, President
>of Encounter 2001, LLC. “Despite modern
>telecommunications, only once in the history
>of humanity has a high-powered message been
>sent in the direction of other worlds — and
>participation in that 1974 message was limited
>to only a few scientists. Now, with our
>partners, we are offering everyone the
>opportunity to attempt to make First Contact,”
>notes Chafer.
>Chafer, who is a co-founder of Celestis, Inc.,
>the Houston based firm that successfully
>launched the cremated remains of Gene Roddenberry,
>Timothy Leary, and many others (which are still
>orbiting the Earth) is a major partner in
>Encounter 2001, LLC, the company that will
>launch messages, photos and human DNA (in hair form)
>out of the solar system in the year 2001.
>This millennial voyage will use the gravitational
>pull of Jupiter to slingshot itself out of the
>solar system just as the Pioneer and
>Voyager spacecraft did.
>This interstellar mission has already proven
>itself to be an academic inspiration for
>school children. With school districts
>already signing on to include the
>Encounter 2001 mission in their curriculum,
>emphasis is being placed on encouraging
>schools worldwide to use this opportunity
>as an educational component to build upon.
>The Encounter 2001 Millennial Voyage is
>a star trek — literally humanity’s first
>interstellar spaceflight, “boldly going
>where no one has gone before” (TM).
>Throughout “Star Trek’s” ® history, numerous
>episode plots include the elements of the
>Encounter 2001 mission. In particular,
>“Star Trek: The Next Generation” (TM) has
>episodes that include the Cosmic Call
>and use of a crew member’s hair follicle/DNA.
>The philosophies embodied in “Star Trek”®
>are core beliefs of many, if not most, of
>the Encounter participants. The human
>drive to explore, the freedom for all
>people to participate in spaceflight, the
>attempt to contact alien intelligences in
>a positive manner, and the constant quest
>for new adventure are all consistent with
>the Encounter 2001 mission.
>It is for these reasons that a partnership
>between Paramount Parks and Encounter 2001
>has begun. Paramount Parks and
>Encounter 2001 have chosen to announce
>this historic mission at Star Trek: The Experience (TM)
>at the Las Vegas Hilton
>(3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada) at
>10 AM on December 15, 1998.