archive: SETI [ASTRO] Jonathan Frakes Doubts Aliens?

SETI [ASTRO] Jonathan Frakes Doubts Aliens?

Larry Klaes ( )
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 09:07:53 -0500

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>From: Ron Ebert <>
>Subject: [ASTRO] Jonathan Frakes Doubts Aliens?
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>Will wonders never cease? Astronomy magazine recently did interviews with
>three actors of Star Trek, The Next Generation, about their upcoming movie
>and other matters. It's on-line and accessed at
> Here is an excerpt from
>Jonathan Frakes' interview:
><Astronomy> You have hosted several TV programs that have dealt with UFOs.
>Do you think Earth is being visited right now by extraterrestrials?
><Frakes> I'm the official spokesperson for the paranormal (laughs). I think
>it's quite possible. I haven't come down on either side of the fence, but I
>can't reject it out of hand, but I have trouble buying wholeheartedly into
>it given what appears to be the evidence.
>Maybe Frakes is just playing to his audience. Most readers of Astronomy
>magazine wouldn't take kindly to someone who believes aliens are here among
>I wish Astronomy had interviewed Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf). He certainly
>doesn't think we've been visited by aliens.
>Ron Ebert
>"Science is hard. Wishful thinking is easy."
> -- Page Stephens, _The South Shore Skeptic_, May/June 1998