archive: SETI Sagan: Cosmos upgrade?

SETI Sagan: Cosmos upgrade?

Larry Klaes ( )
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 08:42:00 -0500

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>Dear Caleb:
>You wrote: > > It would be great news if Cosmos was to become available on
>video again.
>Carl Sagan Productions West is producing a new 4 hour mini-series called The
>Worlds of Carl Sagan which will clip from Cosmos and Contact as well as
>present the myriad worlds that Carl was involved in. See
>for a short description. As I think my assistant sent you, Cosmos on home
>video is not available because the music rights need re-clearing. It is a
>fond hope of Ann & myself eventually to reissue a remastered Cosmos. The two
>new series mentioned on our website will feature extremely high quality
>graphics (HDTV) and audio (Dolby Digital AC-3). We also plan to release a
>- DVD-ROM version.
>Thanks for your compliment on Vangelis. It's not true, but I feel like we
>invented him. I also think I got him the composer job on Charriots of Fire.
>The producer asked me at a dinner party once who I would recommend to score a
>period Olympics movie. I said I knew an amazing composer of synthesized
>- Vangelis. The dinner party crowd guffawed and laughed - but we got the
>laugh when Vangelis won the Academy Award.
>R. Caleb Bloom wrote:
>> > I can't understand why the TV networks consider it too old. They have no
>> > problem showing us the most unimaginable violence, the most silly soaps,
>> > the most stupid (to me anyway) sports like wrestling, the most mundane
>> > boring news stories, the most ridiculous game shows ......
>> > And here is the most brilliant Person, production, education, inspiration
>> > vision, music allowing us to take an 8 billion light year trip
>> > from the depths
>> > of space back towards our Pale Blue Dot. If anything better has been
>> > on TV I genuinely would like to see it.
>> > Would it be possible for Carl Sagan productions to upgrade Cosmos,
>> > the voice and the music but altering the special effects bringing
>> > them more
>> > into line with what we saw at the start of the Contact Movie. This might
>> > solve the TV Network reservations.
>See above, and ...
>Actually, Turner is not interested in re-broadcasting Cosmos because they say
>viewer numbers were small. Home video is definately another story. The
>demmand for Cosmos on home video remains very great.
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