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Re: SETI Linux signal analysis

JayCee ( )
Sun, 06 Dec 1998 11:56:12 -0800

David Bridgham wrote:

> > From: Ray Gardiner <>
> >
> > 1. I am planning a project Argus station. Are there versions of
> > SETI signal analysis software for linux?
> > At a pinch I guess I could run SETIfox under dosemu.
> > A search of failed to turn up anything.
> I haven't seen any but I want to write some. Anyone want to work with
> me? Or anyone have ideas on what it should include?

I haven't seen any SETI signal analysis software for Linux, but I do know
that there is a
lot of Radio Astronomy software already written for it. (In fact,
according to some of the
websites offering R.A. s/w, Linux is exceptionally good for this kind of

I would suggest looking up Radio Astronomy s/w for Linux and seeing what
can be
easily adapted to SETI uses, as I would expect at least some of the
functionality to be
the same.

I'd start by looking for AIPS' website, whether that would be usable or
not - surfing
the links off their pages led me to find quite a considerable number of
other Linux
Radio Astronomy packages, most including sources. You might easily find

Jonathan Day