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SETI Tech Manual recommendations via Website

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 17:40:52 -0500

The following source of dishes has jus been brought to my attention. I
hope some of you find this helpful.
Happy Thanksgiving (a US national holiday which affords me the opportunity
to give thanks to all of you, for your support of SETI).
Regards, Paul

>Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 06:55:11 -0800
>From: (Mas Manufacturing S.A. de C.V.)
>Organization: Mas Manufacturing
>Subject: Tech Manual recommendations via Website
> Fax : 52 84 16 3431 DATE : November 26th., 1998
>mesh dish. 10 ft. black, w/ polar mount & inner ring.
>174 dlls / container ex works
>offset dish. 90 cms. gray w/ az el mount & universal mount. Individually
>packed . 53 dlls / container ex works
>Dear Sir :
>Thanks for reading this. We are a Mexican company producing satellite
>dishes and commercializing them under "METSA" trade mark. We are located
>in Saltillo, Coah. Mexico. Actually we are the biggest and most
>integrated satellite dish factory in Latin America, with more than 10
>years of experience manufacturing this products.
>The products that we are already offering are :
>MESH DISHES ( 1.8, 2.3 and 3.0 mts. ) four panel aluminum expanded mesh (
>black or gray ) Electrostatically powder coated. Corrosion resistance and
>ultraviolet stability. Corrosion resistance zinc platted steel hardware.
> Includes reflector, polar mount, quad feed supports, LNB cover &
>hardware ( universal and non - penetrating mount available ).
>PRIME FOCUS SOLID ( 1.8 mts. ) six panel antenna. color gray. Includes
>reflector, polar ( fix or non - penetrating ) mount, feed supports and
>hardware. Reflector material on galvanized steel. Electrostatically
>powder coated. Corrosion resistance and ultraviolet stability. Corrosion
>resistance zinc platted steel hardware. Heavy precision 20 " diameter
>polar mount bronze bearing
>OFFSET DISHES ( 70 and 90 cms. ) One piece offset antenna. Gray, black
>and white colors available. Includes: Reflector, Az/El fixed mount, feed
>support, ( universal mount and non - penetrating mount available ).
>Reflector material on galvanized steel. Electrostatically powder coated.
>Corrosion resistance and ultraviolet stability. Corrosion resistance zinc
>platted steel hardware. Each complete set is inlaid in polyfoam then by
>card box.
>We have been selling in our country for more than 10 years and exporting
>to many countries by container ( 20' or 40' ) as well as selling through
>our offices in Laredo, TX. USA.
>Also, we have been some integration for foreign companies, distributing
>the product inside Mexico and also in other countries. ( we supply the
>dish and buy the lnb, receiver and other electronics in one package and
>make the integration ).
>If you are interested in receiving more information, we'll appreciate if
>you can get in touch with us at: phone ( 52 84 ) 163311 fax ( 52 84 )
>16 3431 E mail :
>Thanking in advance your kind response to my request
>Sincerely yours
>Lic. Patricia Talamas - Hooper
>International Sales
>fax : 52 84 163431
>e mail :
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