archiv~1: Re: SETI Linux Signal Analysis

Re: SETI Linux Signal Analysis

David Bridgham ( )
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 18:32:07 -0700

> Might I suggest that anything written in this regard be specifically
> brought to the attention of the seti@home folks? I'd love to take
> part in seti@home, but I'm slightly worried that with their apparent
> focus on the Windows crowd that the Linux users will be left in the
> dark.

The number of MS-Windows users so vastly outnumbers the number of
Linux users that it was certainly the rational decision on their part.

> I wish I could contribute to this or seti@home, but knowing nothing
> about X/DSP/etc programming makes it tough. I'm a database and
> commandline hacker...

While it's nice to have pretty displays, the seti@home project really
is about crunching numbers. So X knowledge isn't so necessary thought
DSP is. For people interested in a pretty good introduction to DSP,
so long as you're not afraid of a little math (not too much), I
recommend "Understanding Digital Signal Processing" by Richard
G. Lyons. I now feel like I understand _why_ a Fourier transform does
what it does.

> Hmm, thinking of databases...if anything is done regarding keeping a
> database of known satellites and correlating it against hits, hooks
> could be written into signal processing programs to query a database
> for current satellite positions/transmission frequencies...

So far as I know, no-one has implemented this yet though it's been
talked about some.