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Re: SETI Scientists Petitioning The White House

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 10:34:27 -0500

At 12:23 PM 11/25/98 +0100, Stig Agermose forwarded:

>Source: Wired News,

>Earlier this week, Tobias D. Wabbel, science-fiction author and founder
>of the Project Starvoice European SETI program, released a petition
>signed by about 33 SETI researchers, including Arthur C. Clarke, author
>of 2001: A Space Odyssey; Stephen Jay Gould, Harvard anthropologist and
>author of books like Questioning the Millennium; and Dennis Overbye and
>James Gleick, science writers for The New York Times. The petition will
>be sent to President Clinton in January.

I mean no disrespect to the colleagues mentioned above (some of whom are
my friends), but *not one* of them is generally recognized as a SETI
scientist. In fact, I know of nobody in the "big 3" SETI organizations (or
even SETI League, the "little fourth") who has been asked to sign that
petition. Not that lobbying is necessarily a bad idea, but I must point
out that this petition does not speak for a representative sample of "SETI
The SETI League's mission statement originally included the goal:
"Encourage congress to restore funding to the NASA SETI program."
That bullet was removed by action of our Board of Trustees early on, as we
feel privatization (and internationalization) of SETI is not all bad.
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