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Re: SETI Linux Signal Analysis
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 00:49:42 EST

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> Ray, David and Ed,
> I have been thinking along these lines for some time :-)
> I have some code and postprocessing running, but I am not
> using the soundcard on the Linux boxes :-(
> Still this is an important concern, Linux is after all the wave of
> the future <flame suit on>
> We need the Indefatigueable John Marcus and others in StoneSoup
> to comment (you too), you are the real digitari !
> Count me in, if you can use any code for TI DSP (EVM boards)
> and MCSA (NIM) hardware on the ports I can send it to you.
> John Willcox
> Project Argus Observatory FM29fx

Hehe, I would like to see a linux version too. Linux is much more efficient.
Please refer to my post on the seti list. The problem is, is that we are
trying to work for the common denominator. That is, we need 5000+ stations
running for a limited amount of (basically free and volunteer) work. Since
most people(>90 percent) run windoze, we need to start there. Imagine trying
to help 4500 people load linux onto their machine. Then imagine trying to
install about 300 different kinds of sound boards onto those machines, and
making the software work. The bottom line is, most of those systems have
win95+ running and stable, and have a stable wave_in_open function there for
the using, no matter what their sound card is. It is just more feasible to do
it in win95/98, using VB and/or standard function calls in other languages
such as Delphi. If someone wants to then port it to linux, that would be
excellent. But first we need to make it go in win95/98/NT.

Just my comments.
If anyone wants to write a linux version, then we ought to have some kind of
coordination with the stonesoup group. But IMHO, it won't be easy to port.

John Marcus.