archiv~1: Re: SETI Linux signal analysis

Re: SETI Linux signal analysis

David Bridgham ( )
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 11:47:33 -0700

> From: "Ed T. Toton III" <etoton@UU.NET>
> Well, for one thing, I think an interface for XFree86 goes
> without saying.. But I'm saying it anyway. :-)

Say on, I want to sit and watch the waterfall go by as much as the
next guy. By the way, do waterfall displays typically scroll up or

> I think a nice feature would be to have an option for periodic
> automatic screen-captures to be saved to disk, so that you can have
> "real time" images available by http or ftp if you wish.

I was thinking of storing the raw data (before any signal processing)
and making the program capable of displaying stored data as well as
real-time. That's potentially an awful lot of data (especially if we
get higher bandwidth equipment) even with the enormous disks available
these days so I was thinking to, optionally, keep only the last N
minutes such that if we register a potential hit, we have a record
leading up to the signal.

Should it also be able to save spectrum/power data? Screen dumps?

The issue of making the data available over the net is interesting.
The save files would be a standard format of some sort and they could
be ftp'd around. Should we think about something more elaborate? I'm
thinking that since I was planning to write the display porgram in
Java anyway (it's a lot easier to deal with AWT then libX), maybe it
wouldn't be too hard to make it an applet that can look at remote