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Re: SETI Cydonia is a Place. Period.

James Sharman ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 14:36:03 -0000

>I should like to know why you have favored this 'face' rather than the
>UNDENIABLE APPEARANCE OF two OTHER Martian 'FEATURES': Kermit the Frog, and
>Stoned Happy face. Both are prominently clear from Viking photos, and
>in several books. For example: Search for Life in the Universe by Goldsmith
>and Owen. I should also like to know WHY this cloud I now see out my window
>looks like----JERRY LEWIS!


And who are you to say that mars was not populated by Kermit worshiping
distorded faced heads! :)

All in all the original face on mars certainly looked interesting. Vertualy
every scientist I ever spoke to about it was pretty sure that it was just an
anomalous rock formation and of course the later high resolution images
confimed it. With the original limited resolution images however it did
look very face like and inspired quite a bit of interest. The 'face' on the
referenced page however is nothing more than a lump of rock and an awfull
lot of wishfull thinking. Much as it would be nice to see such evidence we
really have to face reality here and realize that searching for evidence of
past life on mars is more a case of takeing rock samples from the right
places and looking for micro fossils.

At the end of the day, myself and most of the people on this list are
dreamers in the best sence of the word, What is not understood is the
massive difference between those people who are prepared to belive in the
possibility and look for the evidence with an open mind, and those who see a
possibility, belive in it as fact and look for the thinest scraps of
evidence to back up that belief. I personaly see this as being the
distinction between science and psudo science.

To the original poster,

>Over the last 16 months, the site has been visited by over a dozen NASA
>locations, scores of military bases, dozens of scientific laboratories,
>as well as both houses of Congress, the Whitehouse and a huge list of
>other "impressive" related networks.

As a matter of fact, exactly the same could be said about a website I run
with a couple of friends, it has absolutely nothing to do with ufo's mars,
seti or anything else but prehaps its all just part of some big conspiracy.

James Sharman,