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Re: SETI Cydonia is a Place. Period.
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 07:14:27 EST

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<< Over the last 16 months, the site has been visited by over a dozen NASA
locations, scores of military bases, dozens of scientific laboratories,
as well as both houses of Congress, the Whitehouse and a huge list of
other "impressive" related networks.>>

In the last month, I have visited the artbell web page at least a dozen times.
Does this mean I am now a pseudoscientist? I think not. I would say the MOST
LIKELY explanation for this web activity at your --non-face-- site is the
entertainment value. Of course, that explanation has apparently escaped your

<< We believe that the search for ETI should begin at the site of the
clearest evidence as indicated on our site.>>

"WE BELIEVE"..that says it all. Science is not an act of faith.

<<Serious comments please. Ridicule if you must, but please examine the
data on our site as well as high-resolution prints obtainable from NASA
first. >>

I should like to know why you have favored this 'face' rather than the
UNDENIABLE APPEARANCE OF two OTHER Martian 'FEATURES': Kermit the Frog, and a
Stoned Happy face. Both are prominently clear from Viking photos, and appear
in several books. For example: Search for Life in the Universe by Goldsmith
and Owen. I should also like to know WHY this cloud I now see out my window
looks like----JERRY LEWIS!

Are you saying that we should take intelligent formation of these apparitions
as the FIRST and BEST explanation? Why? Why can my six year old give better
ones? Why is it when he sees the Old Man in the Mountains--a 'face' in a NH
mountain and symbol fo the state--
he doesn't even think that intelligence did it. Unless erosion is an
intelligent process. (Sorry; I will not entertain teleology.)

You are seriously concentrating on an explanation that has no support.For
example, your efforts to do fractal anaysis are totally without merit. Why?
Becuase the face had insufficient resolution to warrant fractal anaysis. NOT
calculation. Yet, you guys did it anyway. It's just like these new puzzles
they have out, where each pixel is another miniature, unrelated picture
UNRELATED TO THE LARGE SCALE PICTURE. Chicken Little, the sky isn't falling.

This thread has NOTHING to do with SETI. Ergo take it elsewhere.